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Reasons That A Labia Reduction Might Be The Right Procedure For You

There are several vaginal rejuvenation procedures that you might wish to consider, including a tightening of the inside of the vagina. This procedure is ideal for women who may have had multiple children, while there are other vaginal rejuvenation procedures that can be for anyone. One such procedure is a labia reduction, which is commonly known as a labiaplasty. In this procedure, the size of your labia are reduced, which can leave your vagina looking significantly different. Here are three reasons that this might be a procedure you favor.

You Might Wish To Look Smaller

Different women can have different sizes of labia, and while there's certainly no "right" way for this part of your body to look, there are some women who wish to be smaller in this area. Whether this is based on the desire of her sexual partner or simply a matter of personal preference, a labia reduction surgery will give you the smaller look that you want. For example, if you don't like how your labia hang down from your body, which may be evident if you're standing with your legs open, this procedure will remove the excess tissue and give you a smaller appearance.

You May Wish To Feel Cleaner

Although regular attention to your hygiene will keep your vaginal area feeling clean regardless of whether your labia are large or small, some women may feel cleaner when their labia are smaller in size. For example, during menstruation, you may feel as though the task of keeping clean requires more attention to detail if your labia are on the larger side. After a labia reduction procedure, you'll have less tissue in this area, which may make you feel as though you're cleaner during menstruation and at other times.

You Might Favor Looking More Uniform

Regardless of the size of your labia, they aren't always uniform in size. Some women have one labia that hangs down a little farther than the other, for example. This might be something that makes a woman feel self-conscious, just as breast asymmetry can bother some women — and send them to a cosmetic surgery clinic to have corrected. If there's a noticeable size discrepancy in your labia, labiaplasty can give you a look that will give you a greater feeling of self-confidence. Book a consultation appointment at a cosmetic surgery clinic in your area for more information about what this procedure entails.